U.S. Naval Academy Class Rings

Graduates Remembered

Lieutenant Commander David Ervin Cummins

Midshipman David E. Cummins

Lieutenant Commander Cummins’ class ring was donated to the Naval Academy Museum by his widow Mrs. David E. Cummins on November 17, 1939. Bailey, Banks & Biddle manufactured the ring. [1]

Lieutenant Commander David Ervin Cummins was born on January 18, 1895 in Prescott, Arkansas. He entered the Naval Academy on June 11, 1914, with 7 months of prior enlisted service. The Naval Academy accelerated class schedules during World War I, therefore Midshipman Cummins and his 1918 classmates graduated on June 28, 1917. Books never seem to worry him, yet he always pulls through with plenty of velvet. LCDR Cummins was a veteran of World War I whose career included surface ships and submarines, serving as commanding officer of submarine USS R-2, prior to transferring into the US Navy's Lighter-than-Air Program. [2]

He was killed in the line of duty on April 4, 1933 when his blimp J-3 crashed in a storm searching for survivors of the crashed dirigible USS Akron (ZRS-4). He was 38 years old and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.[3]


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