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Lieutenant Commander Lewis Halladay McDonald

Midshipman Lewis McDonald

Lieutenant Commander McDonald’s class ring was donated to the Naval Academy Museum by his wife, Mrs. Lewis H. McDonald on July 1952. The masonic symbol dominates his ring. Participation by midshipman in social and religious groups is allowed. The ring was manufactured by Bailey, Banks & Biddle.[1]

Lieutenant Commander Lewis Halladay McDonald was born on January 9, 1891 in Norwalk, Ohio. On July 8, 1910 he entered the Academy as a midshipmen. Midshipman McDonald graduated 101 of 154 midshipmen on June 5, 1914. [2]LCDR McDonald was a Veteran of World War I aboard battleship USS New York (BB-27). He witnessed the historic transatlantic flights of Navy flying boats Solid as a reinforced concrete wall and as obstinate as a Hibernian sow is the Fisherman. NC-1, NC-3, and NC-4 while aboard destroyer USS Mahon (Destroyer No. 102) one of several destroyers used as navigational guides.[3]

From January 1, 1927 to July 1927, LCDR McDonald was assigned to light cruiser USS Milwaukee (CL-5). [4]On October 24, 1926, Milwaukee and Goff arrived at the Isle of Pines from Guantanamo Bay to assist victims of a fierce hurricane which had devastated the island four days before. The American ships established a medical center at the city hall in Nueva Gerone, furnished the stricken area over 50 tons of food, replaced telephone lines which had been swept away, and maintained wireless communication with the outside world. The efficient and tireless labors of the crews won the respect and gratitude of everyone in the area.

He died on September 26, 1951 in Washington, D.C. at 60 years of age.


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