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Lieutenant Junior Grade Arnold Marcus

Midn Marcus
Midshipman Arnold Marcus

Lieutenant Junior Grade Arnold Marcus’ class ring was donated to the United States Naval Academy Museum by his daughter Mrs. Helen Cowles Creed on May 22, 1952. His ring features a beautiful oval jade stone with the Naval Academy Class of 1913 crest on one side and the Naval Academy seal on the other. The ring was manufactured by J. S. MacDonald Company. His widow Mrs. Helen Cowles Marcus was the sponsor for the commissioning of destroyer USS Marcus (DD-321).[1]

Lieutenant Junior Grade Arnold Marcus was born on June 26, 1892 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Midshipman Marcus earned his Navy “N” as a member of the Navy Rifle Team and graduated 128 of 139 midshipmen from the United States Naval Academy on June 6, 1913. [2]

Arnold is the easiest man in the world to rub along with on the basis of acquaintanceship, but very few have come close enough to be numbered with his friends.

He was killed in the line of duty on July 25, 1917 as a result of burns he received when the gasoline powered submarine USS A-7 he commanded exploded and caught fire while on patrol in Manila Bay during World War I. His attempts to save his crew and ship cost him his life. He was awarded the Navy Cross for heroism. He was 25 years old is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.[3]

Navy Cross

Awarded for actions during the World War I:

The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Lieutenant, Junior Grade Arnold Marcus, United States Navy, for exceptional and distinguished service in the line of his profession, on duty on a submarine, engaged in the important, exacting and hazardous duty of patrolling waters infested with enemy submarines and mines during World War I.[4]


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