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Captain Robert Archibald Hall

Capt Hall
Midshipman Robert A. Hall

Captain Hall’s class ring was donated to the Naval Academy Museum by his widow Mrs. Margaret Powers Hall on October 1, 1953. His ring was manufactured by Bailey, Banks & Biddle. [1]

Captain Robert Archibald Hall was born in Aurora, Nebraska on November 28, 1888. He was nominated to the United States Naval Academy from Nebraska and entered on May 8, 1908. Midshipman Hall participated in football; was manager for crew and was a member of the Lucky Bag Staff. Midshipman Hall graduated 44 of 156 midshipman on June 7, 1912. [2]

All that this reverend gent needs to make a genuine Nebraska farmer is a beard and a pair of light blue overalls. It won’t be very long though, before he reaches that happy state, for his hair is turning white and falling fast, and his gait shows more forcibly than ever how he longs to walk again in the furrow behind the plow.

Captain Hall was a veteran of World War I and II. He commanded destroyers USS Renshaw (DD-176), USS Farquhar (DD-304) and USS Decatur (DD-341). He had two tours of duty at the Naval Academy as an instructor. He rewrote and revised the Eleventh Edition of Knight’s Modern Seamanship in retirement. He died on June 19, 1950 at United States Naval Hospital, Annapolis, Maryland. He was 61 years old and is buried in the Naval Academy Cemetery.[3]


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