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Captain Ralph Mancill Griswold

Captain Ralph Griswold

Captain Ralph Mancill Griswold’s class ring was donated to the Naval Academy Museum by his widow, Mrs. Ethel Marie (Sharp) Griswold on October 21, 1937. His ring was manufactured by Tiffany & Company. [1]

Captain Ralph Mancill Griswold was born on August 8, 1881 in Pennsylvania. On September 2, 1898, Griswold entered the Naval Academy as a Naval Cadet. Naval Cadet Griswold was on the Lucky Bag Committee. Naval Cadet Griswold graduated 21 of 59 Naval Cadets from the United States Naval Academy on May 2, 1902.[2] Captain Griswold sea commands included the ocean liner converted to transport ship USS Kroonland, provisions store ship USS Bridge (AF-1),I love my love with a “G” because he is gay, good-natured, and grins. I hate with my love with a “G” because he is grouchy, grumpy and growls. His name is Griswold and he is a great goose. and Commander Destroyer Squadron 9 of the Scouting Fleet. He was awarded the Navy Cross for his service during World War I commanding Kroonland transporting troops to and from France in hazardous waters. While on active duty, he drowned on January 20, 1929 in Balboa, Canal Zone. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. [3]

Navy Cross

Awarded for actions during the World War I:

The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Commander Ralph M. Griswold, United States Navy, for distinguished service in the line of his profession as Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Kroonland, engaged in the important, exacting and hazardous duty of transporting and escorting troops and supplies to European ports through waters infested with enemy submarines and mines during World War I.[4]


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