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Rear Admiral Hugo Wilson Osterhaus

LT Osterhaus
Lieutenant Hugo Osterhaus

Rear Admiral Hugo Wilson Osterhaus donated his class ring to the Naval Academy Museum in August 1952. His ring was manufactured by Black, Starr & Frost-Gorham. His father, Rear Admiral Hugo Osterhaus, was also a Naval Academy graduate with the class of 1870.[1]

Rear Admiral Hugo Wilson Osterhaus was born on November 12, 1878 in Virginia, the son of Passed Lieutenant Hugo Osterhaus and Mary W. Osterhaus. On May 20, 1896, he entered the Naval Academy as a Naval Cadet. Naval Cadet Osterhaus graduated 57 of 61 Naval Cadets from the United States Naval Academy on June 8, 1900.His sea commands included gun boat USS Wheeling, repair ship USS Prometheus (AR-3), and light cruiser USS Richmond (CL-9). Expects to graduate, aided by papa, the Heads of Steam and French Departments, and Academic Board; Oehm is making his outfit; the human clothespin; Foot-ball Team. During World War I, his father, Rear Admiral Hugo Osterhaus (USNA 1870), returned from retirement to serve as Director of Naval Districts, earning the Navy Cross. His son then Captain Hugo Wilson Osterhaus also earned the Navy Cross for his service on Wheeling. These awards created one of those rare cases where father and son each earned the Navy Cross in the same war and each retired as a Rear Admiral. He died on September 17, 1972 at the age of 93 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery in an adjacent plot to his father.[2]

Navy Cross

Awarded for actions during the World War I:

The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Captain Hugo Wilson Osterhaus, United States Navy, for distinguished service in the line of his profession as Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. WHEELING, engaged in the important, exacting and hazardous duty of patrolling the waters infested with enemy submarines and mines, and in escorting and protecting merchant vessels through these waters; and in particular, for an attack, in company with other escorting ships, upon an enemy submarine on 17 May 1918.[3]


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