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Lieutenant General John Twiggs Myers

Gen Myer
Lieutenant General John T. Myers

Lieutenant General John Twiggs Myers’ 1891 class ring was donated to the Naval Academy Museum by his widow Mrs. Alice G. (Cutts) Myers in October 1960. His ring was for the class of 1891, but he graduated with the class of 1892. His class ring was manufactured by Black, Starr and Frost-Gorham. [1]

Lieutenant General John “Handsome Jack” Twiggs Myers was born January 29, 1871 in Wiesbaden Germany He earned a permanent place in Marine Corps history as commander of the American Legation Guard at Peking, China, during the Boxer Rebellion. My men, 'yonder are four hundred women and children whose lives are dependent upon our success. If we fail they perish and we perish also. When I say go, then go.For his service he was award the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and promoted to Major. He retired from the Corps in 1935 after 40 years of service. His career included the Spanish-American War; Philippine Insurrection; World War I service as Fleet Marine Officer of the United States Atlantic Fleet; expeditionary service in the Haitian, Santo Domingo, Cuban and Mexican campaigns; and a total of nearly ten years of sea duty. He died on April 17, 1952, at his home in Coconut Grove, Florida. He was 81 years old and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.[2]

Marine Corps Brevet Medal

Awarded for actions during the China Relief:

The Secretary of the Navy takes pleasure in transmitting to Captain John Twiggs Myers, United States Marine Corps, the Brevet Medal which is awarded in accordance with Marine Corps Order No. 26 (1921), for distinguished conduct in the presence of the enemy at the defense of the legations at Peking, China, on 20 July 1900. On 28 March 1901, Captain Myers is appointed Major, by brevet, to take rank from 20 July 1900.[3]


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