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Mr. Albert Clifton Mathews

1884 Football
1884 Naval Academy Football Team. USNA Museum Collection

The Class of 1884 is represented by Mr. Albert Clifton Mathews’class ring. His widow donated the ring to the United States Naval Academy Museum on December 28, 1940. [1] Manufactured by Black, Starr & Frost-Gorham, the ring features a dark red stone encircled with an USNA 1884 bezel.

Mr. Albert Clifton Mathew came to the Naval Academy from Ohio. Naval Cadet Mathews graduated near the bottom of his class and was forced out of service by the August 1882 Congressional law stipulating the Navy could only commission officers based on available ship billets. Ultimately, an act of Congress determined Naval Cadet Albert Mathew’s career and discharge from the United States Navy in 1884. [2] He died on April 21, 1924 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mathew's ring


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