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Mr. Henry August Horst

Midshipman Henry Horst

Mr. Henry August Horst’s class ring was donated to the United States Naval Academy Museum by his son Lieutenant Martin Lyon Horst, US Army, on October 1957.[1] Manufactured by Black, Starr & Frost, the ring features a blood red stone with a carved anchor flanked by near matching shanks of an eagle, saber, and USNA banner. His ring was traded to the Museum for the 1882 replica currently on display.[2]

Mr. Henry August Horst was born January 28, 1861 in Mobile, Alabama. After graduating in 1882, the US Congress passed a law stipulating the Navy could only commission officers based on available ship billets. Therefore, the Class of 1882 only commissioned 12 graduates after their obligatory 2 years post-graduation service in 1884. In 1884, Passed Naval Cadet Horst was forced to resign from the Navy. [3]He returned to Mobile, Alabama and took up employment as a bookkeeper and started a very successful civilian career. Mr. Henry Horst died March 12, 1922 in Mobile Alabama at the age of 62 from stomach cancer. He is buried at Magnolia Cemetery, Mobile Alabama.


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