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Dr. Henry Wilson Spangler

Dr Spangler
Dr. Henry Spangler

Dr. Henry Wilson Spangler’s ring represents the class of 1878. On September 22, 1954 his grandson Mr. Lloyd W. Spangler donated the class ring to the Naval Academy Museum. The class of 1878 did not receive rings at graduation, but many went on to later purchase them. Crafted by Bailey, Banks & Biddle, Spangler’s ring has a dark red engraved stone and the owner’s name and date 1903 inscription.[1]

Dr. Henry W. Spangler was born on January 18, 1858 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He entered the Naval Academy in the fall of 1874 and graduated 39 of 50 cadet midshipmen and cadet engineers on June 20, 1878.[2] The lack of promotion opportunities in the post-Civil War Navy pushed Spangler to resign from the Navy in 1891. Instead Spangler pursued a doctorate of engineering and became a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.[3] His professorship did not stop him from returning to the Navy during the Spanish American War. Dr. Spangler served as a Chief Engineer from May to September, 1898, before being honorably discharged. He died on March 17, 1912 at the age of 54 and is buried with his immediate family in Ashland Cemetery, Carlisle Pennsylvania.


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