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Rear Admiral John Marshall Bowyer

Admiral Bowyer
Rear Admiral John M. Bowyer

The Class of 1874 representative is Rear Admiral John Marshall Bowyer. His class ring was donated to the Naval Academy Museum by his widow Mrs. Cora (McCarter) Howard. The ring’s manufacturer is unknown, but features a blue stone with carved initials in a star setting.[1]

Rear Admiral Bowyer was born June 19, 1853 in Cass County, Indiana. On September 30, 1870 he received a nomination to the United States Naval Academy. Cadet Midshipman Bowyer graduated 26 of 30 cadet midshipmen on October 15, 1874.[2] Rear Admiral Bowyer was a veteran of the Spanish American War, serving as executive officer aboard the North Atlantic Squadron’s Princeton. He also participated in protecting American interests against insurrectionists in the Philippines, Boxers in China, and Panama. His sea commands included commerce raider Columbia, battleship USS Illinois (BB-7) as part of the Great White Fleet, and battleship USS Connecticut (BB-18). Rear Admiral Bowyer culminated his career as Superintendent of the United States Naval Academy. He passed away on March 15, 1912 in Erie, Pennsylvania at 58 years old and is buried in Erie Cemetery, Erie Pennsylvania.


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