What a difference a class makes…

After working on the in-class/homework purple page (and with Mark and Pearl’s help) I can hesitantly say I don’t feel completely hopeless coding anymore. It took way less time than usual to tweak the purple page, actually allowing time to re-attack my typography assignment and portfolio pages! The type page in-class critiques included: too many words per line, a responsive (bouncy) site, and padding issues. Finally seeing a “static” site with set width and use of px vs % or em was extremely helpful in defining what our site should be. I was following Lynda.com’s responsive site plan with max and min widths instead. My second revelation was the purple page’s use of a container/article. Previously, when looking at websites with the developer tool I hadn’t made the connection of the separate central div, which also allowed for a more distinct background surrounding the container. Thirdly, realizing you can just place an image or quote in the middle of the source code and use really opens up the non-linear possibilities.

I’ve always fancied myself a bit of a designer around the house, but color combos alluded me. These tools are great for inspiration, presenting the color spectrum ever-so-different. The most intriguing tool types were extracting colors from images (colr.org), accessibility checkers, and any of the plug in a color and get scheme options tools. I put my site up against Graybit and it checked out, but when I tried it in Check My Colours it came up with an error message. Did anyone else have any luck with it? It would be neat to see how it grades different sites. Extracting colors from a set image is a great idea, but dealing with black and white images doesn’t help the cause. I really want to use that type of tool once we work with photoshop and hand color a photograph.

During spring break, I am definitely going to continue attacking and reconfiguring my portfolio and type pages. I’m looking forward to tweaking the color scheme too.

I commented on Alicia’s blog.

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  1. I haven’t had a chance to try either one of those but I plan on it. I spent a good bit of my time just trying to really understand the color palettes. I think the video from lynda.com was actually pretty helpful on that account by explaining what the six character color codes actually stood for. Who knew? I plan on using those two sites over the break. That said, I pretty much know what the answer would be if I did that today. I definitely need to do some reworking on the colors.

  2. I was able to get Check My Colors to work, but I am not sure what to do with the results? For some reason it hates white text (even though it is on a dark green background). Does anyone with knowledge about colors know how to interpret the results?

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