Week 1

I started the readings this week a little hesitant, not knowing quite what to expect from this course. I really enjoyed learning the most basic aspects of design and look forward to applying everything to our big projects. I fancied myself an artist growing up and this class looks to be an interesting mix of artistic application and hardcore break downs of software and coding.

The practical exercises at the end of the chapters in White Space is Not Your Enemy showed how omnipresent design is in our society. I broke down the design aspects on a pair of running shoes – and the form versus function debate. For the most part I feel like the shoes are predominantly function, even the fancy reflective colors help keep runners safe. That being said I have definitely spent more money on the same pair of shoes in a different color simply because I liked (or was emotionally drawn to) a certain and inevitably more expensive color.

Having taken Clio I last semester, I felt I had a pretty good grasp of what constitutes digital humanities. Stephen Ramsay’s second article offered a great summation that I definitely plan on using. On the one hand “Procedural literacy,” could be seen as just a fancy way to say “learn by doing.” On the other hand, when you are forced to break down elements of your project to the bare data level and rebuild using various tools of the trade, you undoubtedly discover new roads to take in your research. The journey is often more important than the end.

I was able to get about halfway through the Lynda.com Dreamweaver course and I feel a little overwhelmed. One of my classmates told me about the w3schools.com website. With their HTML reference page split screen I started to grasp the concepts a little better. I look forward to getting hands on help in class this week because I really had a hard time getting past the most basic concepts.

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