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I came in with a familiarity of the art print side of typography as a fan of Etsy (the one stop online shop extraordinaire for all things crafty), but had no real concept of its web based usage. It’s straightforward with print, whereas in coding we have to account for browser reading capabilities. I spent a long time perusing fontsquirrel.com and the Adobe Edge web fonts before deciding on four styles.

For menu and military citation font I wanted a mid-century typewriter feel so I chose:
The header font is fairly similar to Special Elite but isn’t quite as straight and is more transparent:
Body Font:
For the Yearbook (Lucky Bag) Quote I was trying to mimic a guy’s handwriting, which was especially hard since nearly every guy I know has horribly illegible writing:
I love the fonts, but cannot figure out why they are not working in every browser. It is especially painful because I use Firefox and that is the only one I can’t get to accept the specialized type. After browsing FireFox’s support site, I found Font2Web which is supposed to convert TTF or OTF files to more readable WOFF or SVG. Unfortunately after uploading a new file through the website I still haven’t had success in getting Mozilla to read them. Anybody else having this issue?

This assignment is also supposed to use citations. Initially I was having issues with the in-page links or bookmarks, but thanks to W3schools I realized I was using the “class” attribute instead of “id.”

Since uploading my typography assignment through Filezilla only one of my fonts transferred for any browser. Nevertheless, this is my typography site: LT Reem Medal of Honor.

I commented on Tammy and Alicia’s blogs.

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  1. I love your font, Annie use your telescope! I have a soft spot for fonts that have a hand-writing scribbly effect. I wanted to use one for mine as well (it’s called Legume). However, it didn’t read very well on my website so I took it out! But I love your overall chosen fonts!

  2. Jenna – I really like your type page! I think the fonts work well and the use of a more irregular font for the handwriting works nicely to set off your block quote…
    I am pretty sure my fonts are not loading correctly – which has been frustrating as well.

  3. Your page looks great! I think the font you chose for the letter is perfect for a type writer feel! I also struggled with trying to find a handwritten font that conveyed a guy’s hand. Too many of them are flowy and pretty.

  4. Hi Jenna! I love your type page– it’s very reminiscent of the era and I’m interested in your research! I had the same issue with my fonts not working in different browsers. If you figure out the answer, let me know :)

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