Making the final decisions

I really enjoyed working on my project this week, actually because I finally feel like I have a decent command of CSS and Dreamweaver. My goal by the end of this week was to have to basic framework for all of my pages complete. Success! I even managed to add a custom google search function and tweak (ever so slightly) the Javascript. I don’t know how to not have a new google based page show up, but it otherwise seems to be working.

I have most of my fun tricks already in place, but I am still trying to find some sort of gallery with caption display option for showing off more of the artifacts related to the individual graduate without creating a long page. My thought is to make something like 2 separate containers (1 with images, 1 captions) within a larger container. I found this HTML slideshow but it has some javascript so we’ll see.

I commented on Amy’s Blog.

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