Next to simply learning the ins and outs of Photoshop my biggest hurdle for the Images assignment was finding material that checked all the assignment’s boxes and applied to my overall project. Lack of scanners are a true problem in today’s society. I chose to focus on Admiral David Foote Sellers, USN, 30th Superintendent of the US Naval Academy, Navy Cross recipient, and representative of the class of 1894 in the Class Ring case. I couldn’t find a good example of a damaged photo for Admiral Sellers, so I used a very damaged photograph of the USS Maine post-explosion – which can be used with the 1895 graduate representative, Darwin Merritt, killed aboard the Maine.

For the recoloring portion, I chose I black and white image of Sellers while Superintendent from the yearbook. First I tried lessening the paper texture through the 4-pronged scanning/combining layers process. Then, I thought I should start easy and chose the background with the polygonal tool and filled it in a grey-blue. Aside from trying to be as deliberate as possible with the lasso, I think the opacity level is extremely helpful to create a soft/not too harsh color balance. My progress has reached a stand still, however, as I try to accurately colorize Seller’s ribbon rack. I’ve had to dig out the Museum’s books on military medals and I can’t seem to find a full list of his decorations.

Here is my progress so far:



Up until now I have only been using the polygonal tool and fill but I think I need to shift to using the brush to get the more detailed parts like his eyes and hair.

I commented on Tam and Amy’s blog.

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  1. I, too, have had some difficulty finding some images that meet the requirements for this project. Still searching for more!

    We used similar techniques to color our projects. I made a lot of use of the lasso tool. And at first I wasn’t fooling much with the opacity but once I did, I really liked how much more realistic the photos looked. I’m looking forward to your final product!

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