Imagery Project

With every assignment we tackle I feel like afterwards I can almost claim a certain level of aptitude in everything we’ve covered. Creating the webpage wasn’t too difficult, but I did have to relearn bits of CSS/HTML that my Photoshop intensive pushed out of my brain. That being said I do really like the results of my image assignment page. I feel like the various tricks and tools of the trade are helping me discover what I eventually want my final design to look like.

The one big issue I still haven’t been able to hurdle is getting all of my fancy fonts to show on each browser. I will definitely be bringing this up in class!

I posted to Danielle’s blog.

1 thought on “Imagery Project

  1. I like the layout of your Image page. Also, I agree about the fonts, and color is another issue that I have as well. I’m trying to limit all of my colors to those found on the HTML5 website to make sure my colors are recognized.

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